Group of Companies        
services to Farmers
  • Top level management including Director meeting the farmers regularly and asking about their requirements and collecting feedback for improvement in services.
  • Conducted technical seminars at Warangal, Karimnagar, and Nizamabad.
  • Training vaccinator to ensure that birds do not suffer from stress after vaccination.
  • Regular follow up with farmers after sales about timely vaccinations, guiding about feed Formulations etc.
  • Extending all technical information and support for new farmers going for expansions.
  • Issuing periodical technical bulletins to farmers in Telugu.

Egg Distribution Services
  • Sai Anadha Seva Trust.
    Address:Banjara Colony Waddepally
  • JSN Anadha Pillala Ashramam.
    Address:Gandhi Nagar,Hanamkonda.
  • Blind Space School.
    Address:Near Public Garden,Hanamkonda.
  • Shishu Gruha.
  • Mallikamba Manovikasa Kendram.

News Letters

Working of Technical/Field Team.

commercial layer vaccination schedule.

checklist For New Batches
Quality  Of  Chicks
  • 1.Improved maintenance standards at production units.
  • 2.Stepped up bio-security measures at production units.
  • 3.Provided new higher capacity (60,000 capacity) machines at yadagirigutta hatchery.
  • 4.Provided solar water heater to supply hot water for hatchery cleaning at yadagirigutta.
  • 5.Using all branded and VHL recommended products of medicines, chemicals, vaccines.
  • 6.Thorough quality check of feed raw materials and finished product.
  • 7.Only mineral water is given to birds, provided latest version of air conditioners, air circulators, foggers etc.,
  • 8.Enhanced parents holding both layers and broilers to meet the market demand.