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• I Want to Construct a poultry farm. What will be the estimated cost for construction per bird capacity?
Rs.550-600 depending on iron and cement cost for construction.
•In summer season what will be the trend of egg rate in market?
It may rise because mortality rate may increase & production reduces,so demand may be greater than supply hence rate increases.
It may not rise because weather is not too hot,so production level will be maintained.But consumption rate may be less.
•In general how is the consumption of eggs during summer season,is it less or more than in normal season?
It depends on area wise temperature and food habits. (Or)
If Veg rates are increasing gradually comparatively and egg rates are less than vegetables it may increase.
•I would like to stock some maize for my farm use.What is the expected trend of maize rate in nwxt three months.Can I stock or not?
Present maize rate is average,in the coming months production of maize will be high,so rate may decrease or same rate may continue,so no need to stock. (Or)
In the coming few months,their will be no production of maize and exports are high,so it is better to stock.
•What are the expectations on egg market in next financial year ie. market trend?
Egg market will increase because human spending capacity is gradually increasing.Our population is high comparatively production is low,so there are chances for increase in per capita consumption.With increase in awareness about proteins and nutritious value of eggs consumption may increase
• What will be the trend of soya in next 3-4 months,can can I plan for stocking for my fram requirement to reduce the feed cost if the rate is expected to go high?
Present soya rate is average,in the coming months production of soya will be high,so rate may decrease or same rate may continue,so no need to stock. (Or)
In the coming few months,their will be no production of soya and exports are high,so it is better to stock.
• Generally in summer how is the trend of brolier chick rate?
Mostly it will decrease because of water shortage.Most of the farms gets closed,so chick rate may fall
• What are the expectations for brolier chick market in next few days,if the rate is in uptrend or down trend?
If festivals or functions like marriages reason are nearby rates may increase or else normal.
• Whether I can enter intoegg exporting business next financial year,What is the suggestion?
Chairperson Dr SmtAnuradha Desai Garu is trying her level best to better the chances of egg exports
• Whether this year,Maiz farming is more or less in our area?
In this year,rains are less so production is also less comparative to previous years. Or Plenty of rains,so high production
• Which is the better option - to start layer farm or brolier farm(commercial) with respect to profits?
Both are best but we have to choose based on investment and profitability Broilers give short term returns & less investment compared to layer birds
• Whether the investment is more in layer or Broiler farming?
Layer farm
•What is the quality of feed consumed by a broiler bird by te time of culling?
3.5-3.6kgs upto culling to gain 2.2kgs weight per bird.
• What are the general and main diseases in poultry?
Gumboro CRD(Chronic Respiratory Disease) E-Coli RD(Ranikhet)Disease Gout
• What are the main ingredients used in Poultry feed?
Soya, Maize, DOB(De-oiled Brawn) ,Deoiled groundnut cake(DOGC), SFC(Sunflower Cake) Rice brawn Broken rice Shell Stone
• How many types of feed is there for layers?
Three types
1.Chick feed (0-8 weeks birds)
2.Grower feed (9-18 weeks birds)
3.Layer feed (19-72 and above)
•Whether your company laboratory provides services to only your farmers or to any farmer ie. to any other breed?
Not only our farmers,we serve all/any layer and broiler farmers
• What are the services extended by you,for a farmer Who purchases chicks from you?
Technical, market (broiler) analysis relation to buyer. We suggest best feed ,bio security awareness,vaccine address info,timely postmortem and treatment.